PR Hanna Solicitors dedicated Serious Injury Team can not only assist you with your compensation claim but can also help you and your family at the earliest stage to ensure rehabilitation is under way and that immediate needs are assessed.

Catastrophic injuries are defined as any serious injury that results in permanent disability, long-term medical problems or shortened-life expectancy, injuries that are life changing to the victim.

Our specialist Serious Injuries Team of solicitors can help you if you have been injured in a serious accident which will ease the financial burden and take the pressure off you and your family whilst you focus on your recovery.

We have long-established relationships with a network of specialist experts in the fields of orthopaedics, prosthetics, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and housing adaptations – everything you’re going to need in your readjustment to life. Between us and all these experts, we know exactly the problems and challenges you’re likely to face, and how to deal with them.

Brain Injury Claims

Brain injuries, even minor ones, have the potential to change your life forever. They can cause a huge range of complications, from cognitive and behavioural problems to more severe physical disabilities such as co-ordination difficulties, speech impediments and in extreme cases lead to permanent severe disability. Even a seemingly innocuous bump on the head can lead to difficulties that you and your family may have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Head Injury Claims

Any personal injury affecting the head and brain is potentially very dangerous. The head and brain are delicate, and an injury can potentially have long-lasting and life-changing consequences. In worst case scenarios, possible results of a head injury are blindness, brain damage, and comas. A head injury could affect your personality, and lead to mood swings, depression, anger issues, and general emotional instability. If specific areas of your brain are damaged then this could result in cognitive difficulty in speech and memory. Epilepsy and PTSD might be other risks. All of these symptoms will have a huge impact on the way you live and your general health and well-being.

Spinal Injury claims

Spinal injuries can have extremely serious consequences. Your spine is made up of a column of vertebrae which surround your spinal cord. The spinal cord is connected to the brain and must be healthy and undamaged in order for the nervous system to work properly. If your spinal cord is damaged in any way, then the brain cannot transmit messages to the rest of the body through it, resulting in paralysis and a loss of feeling. The severity of the effects will depend on the injury. For some people a spinal injury results in partial inability to move, but for others, the paralysis will be complete.

Another form of spinal injury is that which damages the bones and muscles of the lower part of the spine. This is known as a lumbar spinal injury. If the actual cord is not damaged, the results are less serious, but can still make your life difficult. At the other end of the scale whiplash, one of the most common road traffic injuries is also a form of spinal injury.

Amputation Injury claims

Dealing with nasty vehicle collisions and other types of accidents have given us a wealth of experience in dealing with really severe injuries. And to most, nothing seems quite as horrific as losing a limb. But we have found that the human spirit is probably even more remarkable than our bodies, and the number of people who have bounced back from having a limb amputated and have gone on to lead full, productive lives is heartening indeed.