Cycling Accidents

P R Hanna Solicitors help cyclists injured in cycling accidents in Belfast through no fault of their own to get compensation. We represent cyclists from across Northern Ireland including members of the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC). Cycling to work and recreational cycling are on the increase and many look up to the recent Olympic and Tour de France successes. Northern Ireland and Belfast are proud to be on the map of the historic and prestigious Giro d'Italia cycle road race stages.

Did you know every year in the UK around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents, including around 3,000 who are killed or seriously injured?

Almost two thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in collisions at, or near, a road junction, with T junctions being the most commonly involved. Roundabouts are particularly dangerous junctions for cyclists.

Around 80% of cycling accidents occur in daylight which is when most cycling takes place. For child cyclists, 90% of their accidents occur during the day. The most dangerous hours for cyclists are 3.00 to 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 to 9.00 a.m. on weekdays. However, cycling accidents in the dark are more likely to be fatal.

In collisions involving a bicycle and another vehicle, the most common key contributory factor recorded by the police is ‘failed to look properly’ by either the driver or rider, especially at junctions. The second most common contributory factor attributed to cyclists was ‘cyclist entering the road from the pavement’ (including when a cyclist crosses the road at a pedestrian crossing).

Cycling accident claims can be complex. Our Solicitors have brought cases for many cyclists, including mountain bikers, professional cyclists, commuters riding to work and those just cycling for fun. We have been very successful in bringing claims against motor insurers, the Motor Insurers Bureau and highway authorities.

The most common vehicle involved in collisions with cyclists is a car or taxi, with the rider usually being hit by the front of the vehicle.

However, heavy goods vehicles present a particular danger for cyclists, especially in Cities where around 20% of cyclist fatalities occur involve an HGV. These often occur when an HGV is turning left at a junction. About one quarter of accidents resulting in serious injury to a cyclist involved an HGV, bus or coach ‘passing too close’ to the rider.

Head injuries, ranging from fatal skull fractures and brain damage to minor concussion and cuts, are very common injuries to cyclists. Hospital data shows that over 40% of cyclists, and 45% of child cyclists, suffer head injuries.

We handle more cycle accident injury claims than most other local law firms. Our team of cycling accident claims Solicitors is led by keen cyclist and personal injury Partner Mark Hatt. We have many years’ experience dealing with cycling accidents in Belfast caused by potholes, motorists, buses, taxis, lorries, animals, and faulty equipment & road defects.

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Funding your injury claim

Don’t be put off bringing a Personal Injury claim in Northern Ireland because you can’t afford to take the risk of losing and having to pay the legal costs of the other side. P R Hanna Solicitors can recommend your claim, that has reasonable prospects of success, to DASlawAssist, a leading Insurance company in the UK, to provide you with After the Event Insurance (ATE) cover. This cover can also be made available to cover other disputes such as contractual and commercial matters. Ring us and ask to speak to a Partner for further details.