Medical Negligence Solicitors in Belfast

Medical negligence (also known as clinical negligence) is breach of duty of care by a healthcare professional. When you’re treated by someone working in the healthcare profession, you’re embarking on a contract. Most of us trust doctors and other medical professionals to know what’s best for us and to get any operations or treatments that we undergo right first time. But doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are only human and from time to time they make mistakes and errors in judgement.

Because of their status and the nature of their work, all medical professionals automatically have a ‘duty of care’ towards their patients. This, in effect, means they have a legal obligation to perform their duties responsibly and to a professional standard, without endangering the patient or causing them harm or loss as a result of their negligent actions or inaction. Most of the time, that’s just what they do. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and that’s where we come in. We’ve got a dedicated team of experienced Solicitors on hand who are able to help and advise you whether you can bring a claim for compensation. You’ll find our Solicitors approachable and sympathetic and people you can really talk to and trust.

If you have suffered injury, mental trauma or loss as the result of a breach of that duty of care, you are entitled to claim on the grounds of medical negligence.

The key to winning any medical negligence claim is proving that a duty of care which was owed by the medical professional or organisation has been breached, and that this has caused the injury or loss which has been suffered. Examples of medical claims can include Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis which leads to complications or deterioration in a patient’s condition. Also, where there are surgical errors that cause unnecessary pain or scarring. Problems can also arise due to neglect, or lack of treatment which leads to a deterioration of the patient’s condition. Often, complications or side effects can occur due to medication errors.

As well as being able to claim compensation for injury or loss that you have suffered, you can also claim in the event that a loved one has died or suffered brain damage as a result of medical negligence.

If you’ve suffered an injury or loss as a result of medical negligence then you can claim compensation for a number of different things. Firstly, you can claim for the physical and mental suffering you have endured as a result of the negligence, and for the impact this has had on your quality of life. If you have had to take time off work or are unable to work as a result of the treatment then you can also claim for loss of earnings. Further medical treatment and care needed as a result can also be claimed for, as can other costs incurred.

Our main focus will always be you. Our Solicitors will make sure that you get the best service, the most professional and understanding representation at all times and that you’re happy with every decision and development that our team of medical lawyers take.

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Funding your injury claim

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